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2017 International Conference on Environment and Disasters was held successfully in YNNU

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2017 International Conference on Environment and Disasters, co-organized by School of Information Science and Technology, Yunnan Normal University and Asia Society of Applied Mathematics and Engineering, was held successfully in Geo-spatial Information Technology Virtual Simulation Experiment Center during June 9-12, 2017 with Dr. Wei Gao from School of Information Science and Technology and Dr. Wenfei Xi from School of Tourism and Geography Science, Yunnan Normal University as chairmen. Prof. Xuebin An, the Vice President of YNNU, attended the conference and extended the opening speech. More than one hundred participants from the China, United States, Germany, Austria, Australia, India, Singapore, South Korea etc. join in this conference.

This is an international academic conference on environment and disasters of high levels, and a dozen domestic and foreign well-known experts and scholars conduct special reports and academic discussions on the new ideas, new technology and application research in the field of environment and disasters. Prof. Panuganti China Sattilingam Devara from Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM) present the report entitled by “Active and Passive Remote Sensing of Environment and Climate Surveillance”, in which he explains the working principle of monitoring environment and climate with technologies of lidar (light radar) technology, radio and optical remote sensing; Prof. Junliang Zhou, who was the Head of School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Technology Sydney, Australia, introduced the environmental behavior of organic pollutants and the accurate assessment of contamination and risk in his report; Dr. Darren Chian Siau Chen from the National University of Singapore analyzed the vital role of building the model in geological disaster study; Prof. Yakov Kuzyakov from Institute of Soil Science, Puschino, Russia, Dr. Zuguang Guan, the founder and CEO of Fairsense Environmental Technology and Dr. Changzhi Li from Institute of water resources and Hydropower Research give the special reports on degradation and progradation of soil organic matter pools, Laser radar and other technologies are used to observe the upper atmosphere of the arctic and flash flood hazard respectively; Prof. Wilhelm Höflinger, Institute of Chemical Engineering, Vienna University of Technology, mainly introduced Particle Technology, Solid-liquid-Filtration and Dust/Aerosol Separation by taking PM2.5 as an example; Dr. Huifeng Shan, deputy general manager of PeroxyChem’s joint venture company, showed the technical design and implementation of site remediation, including soil and groundwater; Dr. Junwei Tan shared their research work on water-saving irrigation, water resources management and efficient use, irrigated ecosystem and smart irrigation.

Professor Yuehua Wan, who was the director of the department of information consulting, Library of Zhejiang University of Technology, the senior consultant of Thomson Reuters and the content selection committee member of Elsevier Scopus, extended a presentation entitled “How to publish ESI Hot papers and Highly Cited papers?” Prof. Wan began with the status quo of the ESI papers on environment and disasters, and put forward a lot of practical suggestions on how to improve academic impact by building the first-class subject, how to publish ESI hot papers and highly cited papers, how to cultivate ESI scientist and how to write ESI papers and so on, which gave the participants a deeper understanding on ESI.

The conference has promoted exchanges and cooperation among experts, professors, scholars and engineers around the world by providing an effective platform for exchanges on research progress and prospects of environmental and disaster,which was full of academic atmosphere and unanimous praise from the delegates.

Vice president of YNNU, Xuebin An in his Speech

Dr. Zhenling Liu in his Speech

Prof. Panuganti China Sattilingam Devara in his Report

Prof. Junliang Zhou in his Report

Dr. Darren Chian Siau Chen in his Report

Prof. Yakov Kuzyakov in his Report

Dr. Zuguang Guan in his Report 

Dr. Changzhi Li in his Report

Prof. Wilhelm Höflinger in his Report

Dr. Huifeng Shan in his Report

Dr. Junwei Tan in his Report

Prof. Yuehua Wan in his Report

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Venue Exchange


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Registration date: June 9, 2017
Conference date: June 10-12, 2017


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2017 International Conference on Environment and Disasters