Keynote Speakers
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Active and Passive Remote Sensing of Environment and Climate Surveillance
Prof. Panuganti China Sattilingam Devara
Prof. Devara is an Indian atmospheric scientist and physicist who has worked primarily in lidar (light radar) technology, radio and optical remote sensing, climatology, atmospheric aerosols and climate dynamics. A pioneer in establishing lidar technology applications in the country, he has authored around 511 research papers and is also the President of Indian Aerosol Science and Technology Association (IASTA), India. Professor Devara has a career spanning 37 years of experience in atmospheric science and research, which includes 35 years at Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM), where he was a scientist of applied division before taking over as Acting or Officiating Director of IITM (Pune) in 1990. He led IITM till 2009, and was then appointed the scientific advisor to this organization. Currently he is heading Amity Centre of Oceanic- Atmospheric Science & Technology (Amity COAST) at Amity University Haryana (AUH), Gurgaon.

Optimizing sampling and analysis of contaminated soil for accurate assessment of contamination and risk

Prof. Junliang Zhou
Professor Junliang Zhou is an environmental chemist and engineer. He obtained MSc and PhD degrees in environmental technology at the University of Manchester, UK in 1988 and 1991 respectively. He has worked at the Plymouth University, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, University of Wales, University of Sussex etc for over 20 years. In 2014 he was appointed Head of School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Professor of Environmental Engineering, at the University of Technology Sydney, Australia. He is an expert assessor for the EU, UK (EPSRC, NERC, Defra, Royal Society), Luxembourg (National Research Fund), USA (NSF, Sea Grant Committee, US-Israel Binational Agricultural Research and Development Fund), China (NNSFC, 973 High-Tech Programme, 1000 Plan), Italy (Fondazione Cariplo), Romania (National Council for Development and Innovation). He is recipient of K.C. Wong science research prize, Royal Society of Chemistry J.W.T. Jones travelling fellowship, Royal Society research grant. His research has been supported by the EU, NERC, EPSRC, and NNSFC. He has published approximately 150 articles in international journals, with 4 being ESI highly cited.

 Engineering-Based Catastrophe Modeling

Prof. Chian Siau Chen, Darren
Dr. Darren Chian Siau Chen is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, National University of Singapore (NUS). He obtained his PhD from the University of Cambridge, UK. His core research interests are on earthquake engineering and land reclamation. Dr. Chian’s contribution in earthquake engineering lies in the field of damage vulnerability of underground structures in earthquake induced soil liquefaction. He was funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to carry out reconnaissance missions at the 2009 Padang, 2011 Tohoku and 2016 Muisne earthquakes. Dr. Chian is an enthusiast of recycling waste material to good use. He is actively involved in collaborative research projects with local government agencies to recycle unwanted and contaminated soils from underground construction projects and sea dredging as land reclamation fill materials. Dr. Chian is a nominated member of three International Technical Councils under the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE). Dr. Chian also sits in the technical committee of SPRING Singapore to oversee and provide advice on geotechnical engineering practices in Singapore. He is presently the Vice President of the Geotechnical Society of Singapore (GeoSS). Dr. Chian has attended several international conferences as keynote and distinguished speaker. He was interviewed by the media from Singapore, USA, UK, Denmark and India. Recently, Dr. Chian’s research work on catastrophe modelling at NUS led to his award of the prestigious Top 10 Innovators Under 35 in Asia by the MIT Technology Review in 2016.

Spatial Big Data & Disaster Management

Prof. Kun Yang
Kun Yang, secondary professor, doctoral tutor, has been Professor and Dean of School of Information Science and Technology of Yunnan Normal University since January 2012. He is currently the director of Engineering Research Center of Western Resources and Environment Geographic Information Technology supported by Ministry of Education and the director of National Geographic Information Technology Virtual Simulation Experimental Center. He is the member of the National 863 Program Theme Group, member of editorial board of Journal of Remote Sensing and Geography and Geographic Information Science. He is also the director of Chinese GIS Association and the vice chairman of the theory and method of professional committee. Besides, he also acts as the doctoral tutor for geography information engineering in Wuhan University, the member of Science and Technology Award of Land and Resources Earth Science, the consultant of the 4th Kunming Science and Technology Advisory Group and the vice president of Yunnan Mobile Internet Application Technology Association. Presided over more than 20 projects such as the completion of the National 863 Program, the National 973 Program, National Natural Science Fund Project, National Science and Technology Small and Medium Enterprise Technology Innovation Fund Project, Ministry of Public Security Demonstration Project, the Ministry of Education doctoral fund project, Ministry of Education Engineering Research Center construction projects, International Cooperation Projects and the major social projects and science and technology projects in Yunnan Province and so on. He had published 5 monograph in total, and published more than 170 papers in the SCI and some core journals in China like Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, China Engineering Science , Journal of Agricultural Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Journal of Automation and so on , including 52 papers included in SCI or EI database. He conducted an in-depth study in the fields of the dynamic monitoring of land resources based on integration of sky and land, eco - environmental effects of watertight surface expansion in rapid Urbanization, spatio-temporal process simulation of epidemic spread and geographical environmental impact, natural disaster emergency response and decision support and so on.

Degradation and Progradation of Soil Organic Matter Pools and Functions by Land Use

Prof. Yakov Kuzyakov
Prof. Yakov Kuzyakov is currently working at Institute of Soil Science, Puschino, Russia. His research interests include Soil ecology, Biogeochemistry, Rhizosphere ecology Soil degradation, C and N cycles, C sequestration Priming effects, Nutrient mobilization, etc. There have been more than 30 research projects under his leading. Also, he is the Editorial Board Member of 10 SCI indexed journals. Dr. Kuzyakov himself is authorized the title “Highly Cited Researcher” by Thomson Reuters. Among his 280+ ISI publications, over 15 of them are included in Essential Science Indicators as Highly Cited Papers (top 1% citations), 2 of them are honored with Hot Papers (top 0.1% citations). The publication list could be found at

The Development of Environmental Monitoring Technology
Prof. Zuguang Guan
Dr. Zuguang Guan is the founder and CEO of Fairsense Environmental Technology. Fairsense aims at building the first low-cost and high-density air quality sensor network in China to solve the environmental problem and improve human life quality. He was the chief scientist and assistant president at Hebei Sailhero Environmental Protection Hi-tech Co. Ltd., leading the team to develop a novel Air Quality Measurement System (AQMS). Due to his innovation, Sailhero has shared over 40% AQMS market in China. He receives his bachelor and Ph.D. degrees from Zhejiang University (China) and Lund University (Sweden) respectively. Before returning China he has been employed at Andoya Rocket Range in Norway and worked as a lidar scientist (permanent position) and project leader on arctic atmosphere research. Dr. Guan has authored/co-authored about 30 papers in refereed international journals and is the inventor of more than 10 patents. His current research interest focuses on the development of low cost technique for environmental monitoring.

Flash Flood Hazard and its Countermeasures in China

Prof. Changzhi Li
Dr. Changzhi Li, Professor Engineer from China Institute of water resources and Hydropower Research, and Chinese irrigationist who undertakes theoretical research and development of software platform in fields such as Hydraulics and river dynamics, flood management, dam break flood, flood risk map, etc. He published more than 40 papers, presided over a dozen provincial and national projects. He won the Bronze Chinese Association for Geographic Information System in 2008 and the Dayu Water Science and Technology Award Committee Special Prize in 2014.

How to publish ESI Hot papers and Highly Cited papers?

Prof. Yuehua Wan
Professor Yuehua Wan is the director of the department of information consulting, Library of Zhejiang University of Technology, with many years of experience in research and teaching. He conducts deep research on the development and utilization of information resources in scientific research, which accumulates rich experience in the application of the national fund and the doctoral fund from the Ministry of education and in writing and publishing SCI papers. Currently he is not only the senior consultant of Thomson Reuters and the content selection committee member of Elsevier Scopus, but also serves as a reviewer for a variety of domestic and foreign journals. Published more than 10 books and 80 papers, including more than 30 SCI, EI, ISTP papers. Besides, he also undertakes and participates in two programs supported by national fund, two programs supported Zhejiang provincial fund, and two programs of Zhejiang Provincial Social Science Planning. What’s more, he has been invited to report on thesis submission and project application by more than 40 colleges and universities such as University of Science and Technology of China, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China Agricultural University, Central South University, Hunan University and so on.
Measurement Methods of Respirable- or PM2.5 Particle Concentrations and Their Use for the Assessment of Dust Separators

Prof. Wilhelm Höflinger
Prof. Wilhelm Höflinger was member of the Institute of Chemical Engineering (Vienna University of Technology) and as full Professor head of the department Mechanical Process Engineering. He is currently retired. So far, he has about 290 scientific publications and 236 presentations at scientific conferences (author or co-author) in the field of Particle Technology, Solid-liquid-Filtration and Dust/Aerosol Separation. Also, he was appointed as the chairman of the International Delegation of Filtration (INDEFI) and he organized as chairman the 11th World Filtration Congress (WFC11) 2012 in Austria. He was further the chairman of the organization and chairman of the scientific committee of 5 other international conferences in the past 23 years with environmental topics.

Application of Four MEP 100 Best Technologies in China Remediation Market

Prof.Huifeng Shan
Dr. Huifeng Shan was graduated from Department of Environmental Engineering at Clemson University in the USA, specialized in technical design and implementation of site remediation, including soil and groundwater. In early 2009, Dr. Shan joined CH2M HILL as a strategic hire before Ph.D graduation. In the 4-year service with CH2M HILL south region office located in Atlanta, GA, Dr. Shan participated in a lot of site/groundwater remediation projects in North America, South America, and Europe as a major engineer or core technologist (subject matter expert), and was a well-recognized key technical resource in monitoring natural attenuation, biogeochemical transformation, and enhanced bioremediation within CH2M. Dr. Shan resigned from CH2M in March 2013 and joined FMC Environmental Solutions (Environment Division, PeroxyChem LLC right now) as technical director (East Asia). In 2016, he worked as the deputy general manager of PeroxyChem’s joint venture company in China, in charge of technology and project. At his position, Dr. Shan is dedicated to introducing world advanced remediation technologies to China and East Asia for localized application. In a total of eight items that have been derived from the PeroxyChem's leading international chemical, bioremediation technology, and situ thermal desorption technology of TerraTherm company have been successfully introduced by Beijing branch into the Ministry of Environmental Protection of national key environmental protection practical technology Directory or top 100 technical directory. It has been involved in a number of domestic "first" remediation projects, authorized and applied for a number of national environmental restoration field of national patents, and it has grown into the top domestic solutions, integrated technology service providers, in the industry reputation. Dr. Shan was also awarded the "Haiju Talent" in Beijing and the leading talent of "New Project" of Daxing District in Beijing.
Global sensitivity analysis of outputs over rice-growth process in ORYZA model

Dr. Yufeng Luo
Dr. Yufeng Luo is a distinguished Professor of Wuhan University. He received Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees from Wuhan University. His current research interests include water-saving irrigation, water resources management and efficient use, irrigated ecosystem and smart irrigation. He has led or participated in more the 50 research projects. He received 1 First Class National S&T Progress Award and 3 First Class Provincial National S&T Progress Awards. He published more than 110 papers and 2 monographs. Dr. Luo was awarded 2008 ICID Best Paper Award, 2008 Australia Endeavour Awards, 2012 PAWEES Maruyama Prize.

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